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How Much Sleep Is Enough?

Sleeping is crucial to your ongoing health management. It is vital for a number of repair and restorative processes that occur within your body, all of which are critical to ensure your optimal health. With our

Stress Impedes Weight Loss

The link between stress and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease has been well-documented.  Stress also seriously impedes your weight loss due to the increased hormones and other chemicals your body produces

How To FLOURISH During This Holiday Season

The lead up to the holiday season comes with numerous social opportunities, each with varying food and alcohol temptations that are at odds with your normal healthy eating. So how can you find a way not to just

Port Adelaide FC Turns to Accredited Sports Scientists to Ensure Player Safety

The importance of exercising under the guidance of an accredited sport and exercise scientist has been highlighted by the Port Adelaide Football Club, who recently announced that they are the first AFL club to

From Fat To Flourish

Roger Wright had been obese for most of his adult life, weighing over 135 kg from his late 30s until his 47th birthday. When the scales tipped over 144 kg, Roger knew he had to drastically change his ways before

World Mental Health Day: The Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation (Infographic)

Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. As a community we openly discuss issues of physical health, yet everyone agrees that overall health is not simply about the physical aspects. At Inspire, we understand

What is REALLY in your hot dog?

In the week of the AFL Grand Final, chances are you might be tempted to follow Australian tradition and eat junk food – beers, meat pies, hot dogs – as you watch the action. But do you know what’s

The Listening Foot: Foundations For Movement

Your feet are the essential stabilising system for your body.  Similar to the foundations of a building, your feet provide the sensory foundations for most of your daily movements.  When your feet are rigid