Pain Management

Are you suffering from muscular pain that has lasted longer than 3 months?

Then an Exercise Physiologist can assist you to implement a suitable treatment plan to manage your pain and reclaim your life!

Living with pain can be debilitating to your lifestyle.  Pain can wake you at night or limit you from living the quality of life you deserve. In fact, 1 in 5 Australians are currently living with pain they have experienced for 3 or months.  These statistics reflect a growing problem with the community and the good news is that chronic pain can be effectively managed and treated through exercise.

The treatment of pain has been extensively researched in the medical literature over the past 20 years, and the underlying causes and mechanisms are better understood. It is recommended that a carefully structured exercise routine be used in the treatment of chronic pain.  Addressing the causes of pain through exercise is highly recommended as an effective treatment of pain.


Exercise Physiology in the treatment of Chronic Pain

Inspire Fitness has developed a speciality exercise program designed specifically for the needs of individuals living with Chronic pain.  We will look holistically into your pain, not only assessing the site of the initial injury, but at the body as a whole and how pain may have affected your body.  We evaluate muscle imbalances, pain postures, muscular strength, endurance, cardio respiratory fitness, balance and flexibility to examine the mechanisms of your pain.

Based on our clinical assessment, combined with a thorough history of your pain; we will tailor an individual exercise program to address the underlying causes of your pain.  Our Exercise Physiologists will prescribe an exercise program suitable to your individual level, and educate you on a number of strategies that will help you manage your pain.  Our Exercise Physiologists are experienced in treating chronic pain through exercise and other pain management strategies.  Where it is relevant, we will liaise with your other health care providers to ensure your treatment plan remains consistent.

How can you get started?

Call Inspire Fitness on (03) 9857 3007 to discuss how our Exercise Physiology team can assist you with your pain.  You may be eligible for the Enhanced Primary Care(EPC) program with Medicare support for our services.  Consult your GP to determine if you are eligible.