Frequently Asked Questions

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The answers to frequently asked questions of Inspire Fitness

What is an Allied Health Gym?

Inspire Fitness is an Allied Health Gym which means our team comprise of Allied Health Professionals using clinical skills and general fitness knowledge to design tailored individual exercise programs to address each clients health, medical and fitness needs.  Our experts assess and measure your individual  health, medical and injury profile; prior to designing a specialized exercise program.


Do you have casual passes?

No –  At Inspire we believe our clients and members needs are best served with a full health and fitness evaluation and assessment.  Our focus for each client is to establish an individualised training program prior to commencing training. This ensures a smarter, safer and more efficient approach to achieving individual health and fitness goals.


Do you offer group classes?

No – At Inspire Fitness we believe that your exercise program should be individually tailored to your body… and not a ‘one size fits all’ approach in a generic group class that is potentially dangerous to your body.  We specialize in tailoring individual exercise programs to the unique biomechanical needs of our clients – so you reach your optimal health level safely and efficiently.   Our Exercise Physiology team have a strong exercise science background which is applied to your individual exercise program.  Our programs are delivered in a supportive and non-intimating environment so that you stay motivated and challenged to achieve your health and fitness goals.


Is this just a personal training studio?

No – Inspire Fitness is a fully functioning Allied Health gym offering a host of services including Exercise Physiology, exercise prescription, goal setting and nutritional guidance. All of which are available to our member’s through our highly qualified on site Exercise Physiology and Exercise Scientists team.  Unlike other gyms and fitness centers – the expert Inspire Fitness team consist of tertiary qualified Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists who are exercise professionals highly skilled to address your injury and medical needs; AND ensure you reach your health and fitness goals.

I’m not a ‘gym person’ what if I don’t know what I’m doing?

Inspire is committed to providing ongoing support to all members and ensuring appropriate development of your exercise program in a supervised environment. At the outset, a full health and fitness assessment and individualized training program is developed to suit your individual needs. One of our Exercise Physiologists or Exercise Scientists will then supervise and provide you with detailed instructions on your exercise program and then show you how to perform each exercise safely and efficiently.  Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and ensure your on the right track.


Do I need to be a gym member to do Exercise Physiology or Personal Training?

No – you do not need to be a gym member to see our Exercise Physiologists our Exercise Scientists for personal training. Inspire Fitness operates as a Allied Health gym and an Exercise Physiology Clinic. Many of our Exercise Physiology clients and personal training clients enjoy the benefit of seeing our team, without the obligation of an ongoing gym membership.  However to maximise the potential for achieving your exercise goals we do recommend that you try and combine it with some additional exercise, whether that be here at Inspire Fitness or any other form of physical activity that you enjoy.


Do you provide nutritional advice as well as exercise guidance?

Yes we do!  We understand that nutrition will play a big role towards achieving your health and fitness goals.  For personal training clients we offer one- on-one nutritional sessions, including food dairy analysis, full body composition analysis tests and expert advice on changes to your current diet.
For gym members we offer an 8-week weight loss program which involves food dairy analysis, full body composition testing and suggested changes to your current diet over two sessions with a personal trainer.  You also receive support with regular email and phone calls to monitor your progress.
Our website also contains valuable information and articles to assist you in your nutritional goals.  All Inspire clients and members receive a subscription to our online education program; giving you the latest information and knowledge on nutrition and healthy eating.


What is corrective exercise?

Is the specific application of exercise and human movement to the body in order to correct posture, dysfunctional muscles and poor body mechanics. Corrective Exercise will relieve pain and restore correct posture whilst enhancing your mobility and strengthening your body.
Our modern working and living environments result in changes to our posture, mobility and movement patterns which if left unresolved can lead to injury or muscular aches and pains.  This is particularly relevant when you embark on a new exercise routine which introduces force and load to your body – and can exacerbates these biomechanical limitations when they are not addressed as part of your exercise routine.
Typically most gyms, personal trainers and group exercise personal training studios ignore these individual biomechanical differences within each person’s body – which is both dangerous and unsafe for clients.  In most cases the failure of these facilities to address individual body requirements leads to the client either breaking down with injury or not reaching their training goals due to exacerbated muscular aches and pains.
The goal of our corrective exercise programs is to address any of your body’s biomechanical limitations (i.e. posture, mobility, stability, faulty movement patterns) so you can address your larger health and fitness goals safely and more efficiently – and achieve your desired health goals faster.  As such, we introduce the same sports science principles applied in the training of elite athletes, to your tailored exercise program.


Do I need to bring a towel for my session?

No, we provide all members (and Exercise Physiology clients!)  with a sweat towel every time you come and train. This is included as part of your membership and there is no charge for this service.  We also provide shower towels for your convenience; again there is no charge for this service.


Do you have shower facilities?

Yes – Inspire Fitness has showers available to both men and women located in their respective bathrooms. The shower’s are fully enclosed and equipped with modern fixtures that allow enough room to change and shower in complete privacy.


Can I claim gym memberships on health insurance?

Yes you can.  The level of rebate on your gym membership is determined by your individual insurer and your level of cover.  Please check with your health insurance provider to determine your eligibility level. Here are some examples of insurers with which you can claim a gym membership:

Grand United Corporate Health 13 29 39
HCF 13 13 34
Health Insurance Fund of WA 1300 134 060
Manchester Unity Australia Ltd 13 13 72
Peoplecare Health Insurance 1800 808 700
Westfund Ltd 1300 552 132
Queensland Country Health 1800 813 415
Medibank Private 132 331
Teachers Federation Health Ltd 1300 728 188
Teachers’ Union Health 1300 360 701

Please Note; Our Exercise physiology services are also covered by most health insurance funds.


Does Inspire do massage?

Yes – Inspire Fitness works closely with Elite Myotherapy who are Melbourne’s premier Myotherapy company.  Elite Myotherapy have a treatment clinic located within the Inspire Fitness premises.  The Inspire Exercise Physiology  team are in constant communication with the Elite Myotherapy team with a view to ensuring a consistent approach to client rehabilitation and training.  For more information on Elite Myotherapy visit


Do you have female Exercise Physiologists?

Yes we do, currently on the team we have Sonja Cornes who is a full time team member and is available for bookings during the week.


Does the gym get busy? If so what times of the day?

Inspire Fitness does have peak times where member training numbers increase. These busier times generally correspond with normal working hours – whereby patronage generally increases outside of normal working hours.  Weekends follow a different pattern, where numbers training increase closer to the middle of the day and lessen either earlier or later.
Please Note; We limit our membership base to ensure that our members always have good access to equipment and can train in the comfort of the gymnasium environment at all times.


Can you fix my shoulder, lower back pain etc.?

Unfortunately nobody can or should claim to be able to fix any damaged area of your body!  The first step necessary is a proper diagnosis, medical intervention and proper rehabilitation as a way of gradually improving a damaged area to as close to full function as is possible.

The Exercise Physiology team at Inspire Fitness have a background in injury rehabilitation and are able to provide you with an appropriate exercise program to properly rehabilitate an injured area in conjunction with medical treatment i.e.  Sports doctor, myotherapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, etc.
In our experience the process of improving muscular aches and pains through exercise intervention is a process of programming and implementing specific corrective exercises within an individualized program; using stretching, strengthening, pelvic stability and lumbar stability strengthening, myofascial release techniques, improving movement patterning and much more!   On site we work closely with the team at Elite Myotherapy whilst also having a number of local practitioners whom we work alongside with to achieve the best results for our clients.