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Fun and Friendly Gym Environment for clients seeking lifestyle changes and those with advanced medical and injury needs.

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At our Award Winning Allied Health GYM, we don’t offer ‘free passes’ or even ‘fitness classes’ because we focus closely with you to address your specific health, fitness, medical and / or weight loss goals in a SAFE supportive environment.

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Why You Will Achieve Your Health, Medical & Fitness Goals SOONER With Inspire:

Melbourne’s #1 Exercise Physiology Gym

Inspire Fitness is a fully equipped Exercise Physiology Gym specially designed to support clients seeking safe lifestyle changes and those with advanced medical and injury needs.

  Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists and tertiary qualified Personal Trainers go well beyond traditional exercise and basic workouts. We address the clinical needs of your body with specialized exercise strategies, and combine these with your general fitness goals to map out a tailored exercise plan designed to the unique needs of your body.

With over 30 years of specialised university study and 50+ years combined experience within the team – you will reach your health and fitness goals FASTER and SAFELY.

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