10 Reasons

10 Reasons Why You Will Achieve Your Health &
Fitness Goals SOONER With Inspire Fitness:

  • 1. Our team is comprised of tertiary qualified exercise professionals to provide you with above-average expertise, guidance and trusted methodologies
  • 2. Our individually tailored exercise plans are designed to your body’s unique needs as well as your lifestyle goals and constraints.
  • 3. You’re treated as a member – not a number – in our friendly and supportive training facility designed for comfort and effectiveness.
  • 4. Using cutting-edge scientific computer software, we’ll identify the best workout routine, with the corresponding intensity and duration for your body type, metabolic speed and biochemical profile – so there is absolutely no guessworkinvolved!
  • 5. We specialise in corrective exercise for rehabilitation, pain management and optimal functionality to guarantee your health and fitness success especially for people with injury or genetic limitations that require a specialist’s intervention.
  • 6. Our experienced personal trainers perform regular reviews of your progress, so you always know exactly where you are along your journey to the fitness, lifestyle and weight loss goals you,ve set for yourself. This friendly, but firm accountability keeps you ‘honest’ and ensures a much faster result.
  • 7. Because we don’t overcrowd our fitness gym with people taking advantage of ‘free pass’ promotions, you have access to our facilities along with other equally serious people dedicated to their goals.
  • 8. If you loathe large gym environments – you’ll love our friendly, non-intimidating result-focused culture. Even though people come here to achieve specific health and fitness goals, there are no ‘show offs’ here.
  • 9. Our advanced postural screening process ensures your exercise plan is right for your body – we do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • 10. As a member, you will be able to take advantage of our regular, ongoing education about the latest cutting edge diet, health and fitness research that can help you achieve your goals faster, safer and more healthfully.