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What our clients say about Inspire Fitness

“I enjoy my training at Inspire Fitness, especially the rigor and professionalism employed in tailoring my training program to my particular requirements. It is always challenging and the constant modifications of exercise keep one’s interest and motivation. It is about the whole person – not just the physical body!”

— Dr Helen Ferguson *

“The trainers at Inspire Fitness are excellent. They understand my particular problem (lower back injury) and take enormous care in ensuring that the programs are suited to my needs. Their understanding of anatomy, sports physiology and exercise is very, very good! They are able to explain technical information to ‘lay’ people very well.”

— Esther Apos *

“More than just the man who runs the gym, Brendan is a friend who helps us to get fit and healthy through his encouragement and skill. For the past 24 months, Brendan and my doctor have been the team helping me to get healthier and fitter. He has been doing the same for my wife for nearly four years – and for all the gym members. At Inspire, you enjoy the same personal connection with Brendan and his team whether you are an ‘ordinary’ member or a personal training client who pays as much for an hour as the rest of us pay for a month. ‘Our gym’ is a place where ordinary people come to get fitter and healthier, from teenagers to retirees.”

— Greg Shoemark *

“Being a body shy person, I have previously been scared away from joining a gym. I have felt totally comfortable from day one with the environment and staff at Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing and would recommend them to people who want to increase their fitness without feeling intimidated by a large gym atmosphere.”

— Doug Barnard *

“The team at Inspire Fitness have been outstanding support to the St Barnabas Cricket Club. Brendan formulated a circuit for the senior members of the team and everyone was able to get a solid workout despite being at various fitness levels. The professionalism shown and attention to correct procedures was second to none. Brendan was able to recommend cricket specific warm up drills and core strengthening exercises to help sustain the teams health and well being throughout the season. He even spent 45 minutes with myself after the session, and the gym was closed, to discuss my reoccurring soft tissue injuries such is the selfless nature of the man! I look forward to a long and healthy professional relationship between Inspire Fitness and St Barnabas CC.”

Thanks again! 

— Joel Sheldon ( Captain / Coach St Barnabas Cricket Club) *

I recently developed pain in my left leg and into my left knee as a result of doing two boot camp sessions weekly for over a year . When the pain started getting worse I made contact with Inspire Fitness to see if they could help. After a thorough assessment of my posture and running gait I was taken through some corrective exercises which immediately improved how I ran and how I stood. Adjustments were made in my technique in the exercises I was completing at boot camp which taught me how to use the right muscles with these exercises.   In a very short time with Inspire Fitness I realised I just hadn’t been taught how to exercise correctly – and WOW what a difference doing things the RIGHT way makes. So far my leg is feeling less painful and I have discovered muscles I previously didn’t realise I had!  I would highly recommend Inspire Fitness for anyone who is looking to train correctly and who wants to learn from the start how to complete exercises safely and effectively.

— Sandra Vearing *

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to your team and particularly Myles who worked as my personal trainer to tune me up to tackle the Oxfam 100km walk. Myles approach was quite interesting and not at all what I expected. We spent our time together re teaching me how to actually walk correctly and control the muscles through my feet, legs, hips and core. Exercises that were very simple to do but complex in nature were done to strengthen key muscles in my body in preparation for the event. I was surprised to learn what I didn’t know about walking correctly!
The event went off without a hitch and my body felt great right up to the end of the 100 kms and I even only had minor stiffness for 1 day after. Amazing given the state of some of the tired bodies I sore along the 100km journey.
You guys know your stuff…. I’m glad I invested the time to learn more about my body from your expert team.
It made my personal challenge to complete this event after a knee reconstruction 2 years earlier that bit easier to achieve.

– Mark Mackenzie *

This gym is about exceptional staff competence. I am in awe of the expertise and teaching skills of my personal trainer, Rory Scott. Compared to other gyms I have attended on and off over the years, Inspire for Fitness seems at first very laid back as staff ensure correct technique and muscle conditioning as a sound grounding before moving on to more advanced work. Suddenly you realise how very much fitter you have become, quietly and with no fuss. I have also benefited from the gym’s nutrition program. I knew I had to do something but was stressed with family health problems.
I dreaded my session for weight management advice, expecting complicated advice to weigh, measure and generally add to my already heavy work load. Instead trainer Adam Sheedy gave me realistic tips. I am continuing to steadily and gradually limprove.

One very happy customer

– Jackie *

Testimonial for Rory Scott at Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing. In early November 2012, after various heart procedures, I was told that I had Cardiomyopathy that I probably had a limited time to live.
Various kinds of assistance were recommended by Dr Matthew Penn, my GP. His first suggestion was that I undergo physical exercise training under the supervision of an Exercise Physiologist & he set about finding one not too far from my home. Once he had located Rory Scott, the Exercise Physiologist at Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing, he phoned him & reported back to me that he was impressed by his first contact.
When I went for my first session, I was very impressed by how thorough Rory’s questions were & by his knowledgeable & caring approach as well as the good advice he gave me, not only in relation to physical exercise, but also regarding my diet & the timing of my meals.
At subsequent exercise sessions, Rory gained my complete confidence for his very obvious knowledge & for the way he explains issues relating to my heart condition as well as the care he takes to see that I do the exercises properly. He has a wonderfully positive manner & a great deal of patience, which have helped to lift many of the fears I had regarding my chronic heart heart condition. My GP, Dr Penn told me recently, that he too was very impressed with Rory for the quality of his written communications & the feedback he receives from him.
Although I was somewhat reticent at first, I now look forward to my exercise sessions every week. I have already recommended Rory & Inspire to my GP & my Cardiologist & I intend to encourage more people suffering from serious health problems to contact them.
I’d be happy to answer questions any prospective Exercise Physiology client may have. Inspire & Rory have my authority to give my phone number or email address to anyone, including medical professionals, who may want to refer patients  to them.

– Des COLE JP. Retired Employee Relations Manager, Siemens Ltd. Former Director, Kildonan Uniting Care. Justice of the Peace *

Thank you to all at Inspire. Am so pleased that I decided to join a gym again. The staff at Inspire have created a happy environment, where even though everything hurts, it’s fun to be there. Special thanks to Rory for your positive attitude and all the encouragement, and to Brendan who is always so very welcoming.

Thanks again!

– Paula Di Roberto *

“As a previous ‘non gym person’ I hesitantly joined Inspire Fitness on the insistence and recommendation of my sister. Although I am not a super keen gym junkie, Brendan and Rory always encourage, inspire and congratulate me on all my efforts, big and small…and for this alone I am motivated to keep going back and doing my best for me and for them!”

– Anna DiLorenzo *

After my hip surgery in November 2014, I was unable to do much exercise for quite a while. The best decision was becoming a member at Inspire Fitness. I really enjoy coming in and doing my workout! My Doctor recommended Inspire!

I love the friendly atmosphere and that I am treated like a person and friend and not just a member. And the staff remember my name.

The program prepared for me was fantastic as it eased me back into exercise gently especially after having had the surgery, I thought I would never be able step into a gym again.

I am also enjoying my weekly personal training with Jack. He monitors everything I do and each week makes the session different and challenging but at the same time keeping in mind that I am still in recovery mode.

Now I am also participating in the 8 week challenge under the guidance of Adam!

Not only am I looking forward to improving my wellbeing, but I am looking forward to a more confident and energetic me!

I highly recommend Inspire!

– Franca Salce *

Thank you for the regular emails which I read with interest. By this Friday I will have 5 sessions with Rory who has been closely supervising my program which he devised for me. Rory has paid very close attention to my physical problems and encourages me with a program that is to go slow but steadily with the goal of enabling me to progress with minimal setbacks (physically) so that I will achieve my goals – to strengthen my body and to improve on my diabetic status.
I look forward to starting regular gym sessions with the program designed for me and to work with Rory for review at intervals he advises.

I am glad I found this gym which has a suitable setting with very encouraging staff to motivate me and monitor my progress.

Regards and thanks very much to you and Rory

– Casey *

I am very happy with the interaction from both the personal trainers and other gym uses at Inspire Fitness. I Particularly like the way some of the trainers give un-solicited guidance occasionally, even though I do not pay extra for them as a personal trainer.

– Peter Webster *

On joining Inspire – I felt an encompassing ‘warmth’ of care, concern and help to assist with my Health and Fitness. Mainly from the staff – and Rory and yourself in particular – however from the other members as well -whom I have just begun to communicate with.

You really do ‘support all your clients in their personal health and fitness journeys.’ and I thank you for same.
RORY is a magnificent person – who is caring, friendly, interested and helpful with EACH client I have seen him with.

Clynton *

As this is my very first venture through the doors of a fitness clinic/gym, it is difficult to compare to other clubs.
However my experience has definitely been beneficial; I have improved, even though I am eating more often, so there is a strong belief in the process!

My fitness is improving and I am learning to use muscles (and my body) correctly. The advice I have received has been beneficial and is well worth persevering with.

– Lance *

I think everything is going really well with my training. Not having been to a gym before I didn’t really know what to expect but everyone at Inspire has been very friendly and helpful. I am getting on well with May who has made our exercises interesting and varied and I am enjoying the whole experience much more than I thought I would.

– Sam Richardson *

Just writing to say thank you to Adam – although I haven’t been training with Adam in a few weeks now, I feel as though his training sessions prior helped me reach my goal of completing the 100km event at the Around the Bay in a Day at a higher level.

FYI: I completed the event today in 3hr55minutes – not the best time of the day, but Adams training program brought out the best of my ability


– Chris Calabrese *

My 13 year old son has been attending the gym for several months now & had a program review with Rory this week. Rory has shown genuine interest in Zac’s progress.  He continues to be generous with his time by updating Zac’s program & walking him through the various exercises that he has prescribed. A big thank you to Rory & Brendan for welcoming Zac into the gym & helping make his introduction to working out an enjoyable & rewarding experience.

– Scott

Hi Brendan,

Just thought I would let you know that I am really enjoying the personal training at Inspire and after 6 or 7 weeks, can feel a huge change in my movement and my confidence. For me it has been invaluable to have the one on one training as I felt scared to move, feeling stiff and sore everywhere, and didn’t know where to start again. In the past I have had many different types of therapy including some where I was encouraged beyond my limit and ended up injuring myself. Despite my nursing related injuries over the years I was always active and reasonably fit, until recent years when my pain levels increased and I sort of gave in to it….naturally this created more pain and the ongoing cycle you talk about.

I have found Brenton and Eleni fantastic at creating a slow safe pace for me to build on once I realise that I can push myself that little bit further. Their knowledge of lower back issues and exercise is extensive and initially Brenton tried different types of movements with me until we found ones I could manage and was comfortable with. This helped me to trust the process and find my starting point. I am now doing my home exercises and walking every day and am feeling positive again.

After years of “treatment” and an attitude re the inevitability of life-long pain, I am thrilled to find that I can be proactive in improving my quality of life with the expertise and support I receive at Inspire. Well done to all of you! Kind regards,

-Jo (Rice)

I want to say thank you to Eleni who always notes my responses to the exercise programme and patiently demonstrates and observes carefully when introducing new exercises.

I also appreciate her explanations as to what each exercise is supposed to be doing and questioning as to where in the body I am experiencing it. This means that she can correct me when necessary.

Thanks Eleni and thanks Brendan for making me feel welcome, as you do with everyone.

Jolie *

Very happy with Eleni. Understood my special requirements with regard to left knee and back , and arranged appropriate exercises, etc accordingly.

I now only have to grit the teeth and do them!!

– Denis *

Having been in considerable discomfort with stiffness in my thoracic spine and hips for quite some time, I was very grateful to receive from Brendan, some helpful and valuable advice on some new additions to my exercise regime. Looking forward to a much improved outlook when I get these up and rolling as part of my gym work. Thanks Brendan.

– Michelle F *

The staff at inspire fitness are extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. Every one on one consultation is tailored to every individual aspirations or specific need. I’d recommend this gym to anyone wanting to go through a transformation or just simply get to know a scientific routine to live a healthier life. Big thanks to Brendan and Nathaniel and all the other members of Inspire Fitness family.

– Puya *

My review last Monday with Isabella was great. Receiving feedback on my progress was encouraging and I appreciated being set some new tasks that not only up the intensity but extend the diversity of what I’m doing. Thanks Isabella and the Inspire team!

– June Allen *

I met with Eleni for the first time and really enjoyed the session. Very approachable and understanding. Eleni had lots of advice and gave me relevant feedback which I needed. She taught me techniques I wasn’t aware of in the few exercises she had me do. I really like feedback on technique. I am looking forward to my next session with Eleni and the program she will design. Eleni’s advice on weight loss was really good for me as well as I am overloaded with work and need quick solutions for meals – that is probably the biggest struggle of the day for me right now.

– Julie *

After having been away for some 5 months it was exciting to embark on a new exercise program with Rory. Realistic goals were put in place and with Rory’s guidance I am very hopeful of achieving these in time. I particularly enjoy the camaraderie of the other team members and am looking forward to a more positive mindset in 2020.

– Judith *

After being absent for over 12 months due to fear of COVID, I felt welcomed back by you, Brendan. You did a current assessment of my condition and the Evolt 360 body scan was informative.

I appreciate the time you spent explaining the exercises and how they benefit the body, at a subsequent session. I have had one session by myself since and I am happy with the exercises.

I also know that you will help with any queries. I doubt that there would be any other gym which would give such individual attention and I often sing the praises of Inspire Fitness.
Thank you Brendan.

– Jolie Magee *

I have been very happy with my sessions with Holly. I feel comfortable with the people and the atmosphere at Inspire Fitness. I feel I am improving every week, and I am keeping up with daily stretching at home also. Thank You.

– Helen*

I have been attending for a few months now and working on my strength. As a senior I feel it is important and can definitely see an improvement. Dr Tom updates my exercise program regularly and I started a new one this week. It’s always a new challenge but I surprise myself in getting past those initially hard days and then finding it much easier as the body strengthens. Onward and upward. Thanks Tom, Brendan and the ever helpful staff.

– Pauline*

* Disclaimer: This information has been provided independently by clients of Inspire Fitness based on at least 3 months of exercise. Results will vary for each individual and Inspire does not claim to cure or prevent disease or injury or any weight issues.