Inspire Fitness Programs

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Diabetes Exercise Management Class

An 8-week diabetes exercise management program conducted under the close supervision of an exercise physiologist. This program has been specifically designed by Inspire Fitness for individuals who have been assessed with diabetes or screened with pre- diabetes. The program is conducted in a small group class to educate, motivate and lead you in correct diabetes management exercises.

The program is Medicare-subsidised when you are referred to the program from your General Practitioner, and aims to introduce regular cardiovascular exercise and strength training into your lifestyle.

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Corrective Exercise for Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Optimal Function

Our corrective exercise programs are designed to rehabilitate injuries and eliminate your pain by setting you up with strong foundations of optimal posture, quality movement and good control of the muscles around your trunk and your pelvis.

The team at Inspire Fitness specialise in designing corrective exercise programs that are individually-tailored to your own body’s biomechanics, movement patterns and faulty muscle imbalances. Our corrective exercises will address these imbalances through specific strength, flexibility or neurological changes that are designed to optimise your posture and biomechanics.

Why is this of benefit to you?

Because by addressing these faulty biomechanics and muscle imbalances, we will allow your body to move and function optimally. This addresses the source of the pain and injuries for those clients seeking rehabilitation, and reduces the risk of pain and injuries that too often occur when individuals begin an exercise routine.

Our screening suggests that 90% of individuals in the general population have at least one element of impaired posture, faulty biomechanics and/or poor movement patterns. These problems exist in people whether they are living with aches and pains or they are not. When these problems are left untreated and ignored (which they are!) in group exercise classes, generic high intensity group personal training classes and ‘globo’ impersonal gyms, then you maximise your chance of breaking down and being injured. This interruption through injury often causes frustration and leads to a decrease in your motivation to exercise. Thus, our approach is to address your biomechanics and posture so that we optimise your function and movements.

Strength Training for Older Adults

Weight training programs to enhance and maintain strength and lean muscle in older adults, with a particular emphasis on age appropriate exercises.