About Us

Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Boutique Gym

Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing is an Award-Winning Boutique Gym and Exercise Physiology Clinic established in 2001 in Balwyn North.  Our team comprise of Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists who are tertiary qualified Personal Trainers.

Inspire Fitness and Exercise Physiology specialize in  customizing individual exercise programs to the unique needs and demands of your body!  Our Exercise Physiology team are experts in delivering exercise interventions for clinical populations; whilst also applying these clinical skills in the development of exercise programs to improve the health, wellbeing and longevity of our community.

Exercise Physiology

As an Exercise Physiology clinic we are exercise professionals skilled in the delivery of exercise programs to clinical populations and those who are challenged with medical, chronic disease, disabilities, cancer and injury backgrounds.   Our Exercise Physiology team are also skilled in designing specialized exercise programs for older adults with a focus on building strength, stability, function, falls prevention and improving overall quality of life!.

YOUR BODY is UNIQUE – so your exercise program must be customized to your individual health, medical, bio mechanical and postural needs.   The unique needs and requirements of your body are established in our initial screening and assessment process – assessed by our Exercise Physiology team to scientifically analyze and assess your body prior to the commencement of an exercise plan.

Based on our in depth movement screening and medical assessment process; and in conjunction with your health and fitness goals, the Exercise Physiology team at Inspire Fitness will design a tailored individual exercise program to ensure you reach your medical, health and injury rehabilitation goals faster and more efficiently.

Founded in 2001 by Brendan Rigby AEP– an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with an honours degree in Exercise Science – the focus of Inspire Fitness is to provide tailored health, fitness and medical exercise plans; designed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists;  in a friendly and supportive gym environment.


Our Boutique Gym is unique and is designed for those in our community who benefit from specialized expertise in the design of their exercise program – along with the specialized care that comes from working (exercising) within a gym space that is fully staffed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.  Trust that you are doing exercise correctly AND that your exercise program is right for you!

Simply put – Inspire Fitness and Exercise Physiology understands the unique fitness needs of each individual and expertly customizes a lifestyle plan to address your individual health, fitness and lifestyle goals.  Your body is unique, so your exercise plan must address this uniqueness!

This friendly and supportive Award Winning Gym has been founded to ensure your fitness, weight loss and health success.  Our expert Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers are selected and trained to an industry-leading level of gym exercise knowledge, so that you are guaranteed to reach and then exceed your health and fitness goals – safer and faster!