Weekly Roundups

Health and Fitness Roundup: 29th October – 11th November, 2012

Blogs “A Grain of Truth: Should You Avoid Grains?”:  In recent years, there have been many mixed messages touted in the media about the place of grains in a healthy and balanced diet.  Here is a thorough

Health and Fitness Roundup: 15th – 28th October, 2012

This Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup touches on mature age marathoners, the protective effect of muscular strength, and recovery strategies adopted by endurance athletes: Marathon Runners Stop Aging

Health and Fitness Roundup: 1st – 14th October, 2012

This Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup explores the importance mindful eating, breathing for effective training and stress management, and sleeping posture: “Eating Consciously”: Eating well can

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 24th – 30th September, 2012

Our weekly roundup series is moving to a fortnightly format from October onwards, so we can concentrate on maximising the original content we provide to you on a regular basis!  But for now, enjoy this week’s

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 17th – 23rd September, 2012

This week’s Inspire Fitness Weekly Roundup looks at the benefits of exercise for heart health and people with diabetes, practical tips to improve the nutritional value of your food intake, and strategies to

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 10th – 16th September, 2012

An excellent fresh and tasty recipe using cous cous, practical tips to help you sleep well, and reports on research about the ongoing “fitness and fatness” debate…it’s all here in this week’s Inspire

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 3rd – 9th September, 2012

In this week’s Inspire Fitness Weekly Roundup, learn about the Diabetes Victoria “Dare for Diabetes” campaign, the health benefits of high intensity exercise, and some good reads about supporting a nutritious

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 27th August – 2nd September, 2012

Spring has definitely sprung in Melbourne…the weather has warmed up nicely, with summer just around the corner.  With the sun shining and the weather fine, take the opportunity to go for a walk, a bike ride