Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 24th – 30th September, 2012

Our weekly roundup series is moving to a fortnightly format from October onwards, so we can concentrate on maximising the original content we provide to you on a regular basis!  But for now, enjoy this week’s Inspire Fitness roundup:

“Fitness Planning for Stressful Times”: In our modern lifestyles, our lives can quickly become overwhelmed with work commitments, family commitments, social commitments, and so on.  Here are some great resources curated by the team at Precision Nutrition, to help you plan ahead for these busy times, so that you can maintain your training regimen, even when you’re at your busiest!

“7 Strategies to Get More Vegetables in Your Diet”: The Dietary Guidelines for Australians state that adults should be eating at least 5 serves of vegetables every day, however many adult Australians do not meet these guidelines.  Take a look at these tips from Eric Cressey, to reap the health benefits of boosting your intake of veggies.