Exercise Psychology

What’s stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals?

The formula for losing weight and being a healthier version of you is simple; exercise more and consume healthy natural foods.  Eat less processed foods and sugary drinks! It really is a simple formula.  You

Psychological Flexibility and Your Health

Psychological flexibility is an academic term that refers to your ability to “stay present and be willing to experience discomfort in order to do what is really important and what works”.   Fundamentally,

Changing A Habit In 30 Days

Achieving your optimal health and wellbeing depends upon the quality of your daily habits. The habits you live, either consciously or unconsciously, in relation to your health are obvious: you only need to look

Conquering the English Channel: Inspire Fitness Seminar

We are honoured to have guest speaker Paul Hoffman to tell us about the journey to achieve his lifelong goal: to swim the English Channel. Paul had dreamed of swimming the English Channel since he was 14 years

Stress Impedes Weight Loss

The link between stress and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease has been well-documented.  Stress also seriously impedes your weight loss due to the increased hormones and other chemicals your body produces