Conquering the English Channel: Inspire Fitness Seminar

Conquering the English Channel: Inspire Fitness Seminar | Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing - BlogWe are honoured to have guest speaker Paul Hoffman to tell us about the journey to achieve his lifelong goal: to swim the English Channel.

Paul had dreamed of swimming the English Channel since he was 14 years old, and became a volunteer lifeguard in Cape Town, South Africa. Paul’s story is one of true dedication and resilience. After an unsuccessful attempt in 2012, Paul set his sights on conquering the mighty Channel in July 2014.

Swimming the Channel is renowned as one of the most challenging events a person can do. To do so requires swimming for a minimum of 34 kilometres, in water ranging from 14–17 degrees Celsius…and while wearing only a pair of speedos, a cap, and goggles! Avoiding hazards like commercial ships in the channel, jellyfish, hypothermia, and debris in the water, Paul could have no physical contact with boat or any person; leave from dry land and arrive on dry land.

Conquering the English Channel

Date: Wednesday 11th March, 2015
Time: 7.45pm
Address: Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing, 317 Doncaster Rd, Nth Balwyn
RSVP: Bookings essential as places are limited. Call 9857 3007 to secure your spot!

Paul’s journey will give you all the motivation you will need to kick-start your fitness in 2015. His achievements will help you gain perspective on your goals for the year and set you in the right frame of mind towards achieving them!

Download our seminar flyer by clicking on the image below:

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