Personal Training

Spinal Flexion during strength training: Is It dangerous?

Written by;  Nick Angus (Exercise Science Student-  Deakin University) Many exercise physiologists, personal trainers and strength and conditioning  coaches teach the importance of maintaining a neutral

Preventing injuries in the New Year

Written by; Brenton Watson (AEP) Accredited Exercise Physiologist With the start of a New Year, many people make resolutions to become fitter and stronger than ever! This can mean you start a new training programs,

What can you learn from Australian Ninja Warrior?

Written by:  Sebastian Mann (Bach. Ex Sci) Personal Trainer & Exercise Scientist The recent airing of Australian Ninja Warrior on Australian television proved to be an overwhelming success amongst audiences.

Five Training Principles you CAN’T ignore to achieve your fitness goals

Written by: Sebastian Mann  Bach. Exercise and Sport Science (current) Many people who attend a gym are unsure about how and what they should be REALLY doing.  The result is they are inefficient with the time

The effects of training to failure on strength development

It’s common in many gyms across the world to see people pumping out as many repetitions as possible with whatever weight they pick until they physically cannot do any more. I mean, it makes sense, right? The