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The Exercise Drug: Irisin

Written by: Matthew McQueen (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) What is Irisin? Irisin is a myokine (hormone), cleaved from the membrane protein FND5C via muscle contraction, first discovered in 2012. This hormone

The Role of Exercise in Treating Cancer

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death and disability in Australia, with most of us knowing someone close to us who has been affected by the disease. Traditionally, people undergoing treatment for cancer

Exercise is Medicine

A recent documentary on Australia’s ABC Catalyst program highlighted the critical role of exercise in the treatment of many chronic medical conditions, and supported the notion that exercise is medicine. The

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 27th February – 4th March, 2012

A new month, a new Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness roundup!  This week, read up on understanding and surpassing your limits, why and how to quit smoking, and exercise as medicine: Blogs and News “To Stretch,

The Benefits Of Exercise For Diabetes

There is a significant amount of research available documenting the importance of structured physical activity in the prevention and management of diabetes.  Despite all of this information, just 39% of adults