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The Mind-Body Connection: How Exercise Boosts Mental Well-being

Written by: Brendan Rigby (Accredited Exercise Physiologist) In a world where stress, anxiety, and mental health issues are on the rise, the quest for effective solutions is more critical than ever. While therapy,

Stress Impedes Weight Loss

The link between stress and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease has been well-documented.  Stress also seriously impedes your weight loss due to the increased hormones and other chemicals your body produces

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 13th – 19th August, 2012

Twitter has been abuzz lately with lots of great information on physical inactivity, developing a diet rich with micronutrients, and foot care for people with diabetes.  This Inspire Fitness Weekly Roundup explores

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 21st – 27th May, 2012

In this week’s Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup, find out more about the health and performance effects of coffee, ways to stay active and avoid excessive sedentary behaviour (e.g., sitting!), and