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World Mental Health Day: The Skeptic’s Guide to Meditation (Infographic)

Today, October 10, is World Mental Health Day. As a community we openly discuss issues of physical health, yet everyone agrees that overall health is not simply about the physical aspects. At Inspire, we understand

Meditation for the 21st Century: Inspire Fitness Seminar

Would you like to feel more relaxed while still leading your busy, productive life? Have stress or anxiety had negative effects on your life? Do you want to lose more weight by improving the balance of

Meditation Improves Quality Of Life And Functional Health

A recent study conducted by the University of Sydney has confirmed our long-held belief and recommendations about the value of meditation for your health and wellbeing.  Whilst this traditional practice has

Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 16th – 22nd April, 2012

This week, the Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup brings together links on meditation, personal development, and establishing a consistent and sustainable habit of morning workouts: “How to Meditate

Meditation: Fitness For Wellbeing

At Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing, we regularly educate our clients on the importance of being healthy in both mind and body.  There is an abundance of research to suggest that emotional stress can cause as much