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Understanding Lower Back Pain and How to Prevent It

Written by Nathan Switkowski, Osteopath at Osteopathy on Canterbury Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problems that is experienced in Australia. It can be defined as acute (lasting up

Exercises for preventing Low Back Pain – Train your BRAIN!

If you’ve previously suffered from low back pain then you will understand how deliberating this can be for your lifestyle.  Not only does the experience of Low Back Pain restrict many of your activities for

Warning Signs for Low Back Pain

As an exercise physiologist, one of the most frequent sites of pain I encounter in my work with clients is low back pain. According to The Medical Journal of Australia, up to 80% of Australians will experience

How To Improve Your Posture When Using A Computer (Video)

As a team of personal trainers with a specialisation in corrective exercise, one of the chronic lifestyle problems we often encounter with clients is the postural deviations that arise from people using computers. 

Back Pain And Prolonged Sitting: Resources From Around The Web

We have had a lot of interest from readers wanting to learn more about low back pain and prolonged sitting, following on from Rory Scott’s timely post in September.  With more occupations becoming office-based

Back Pain In Outer Space!

A little known side effect for astronauts travelling to the outer reaches of space has been a high incidence of chronic low back pain upon their return to earth, or more specifically, upon their return to the

Reduce Your Low Back Pain When Sitting At A Desk

One of the main focuses of our training and our exercise programs at Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing is to prevent and correct poor posture and faulty biomechanics.  Poor posture is caused by a number of different