How To Improve Your Posture When Using A Computer (Video)

As a team of personal trainers with a specialisation in corrective exercise, one of the chronic lifestyle problems we often encounter with clients is the postural deviations that arise from people using computers.  Today’s modern working environment, where people spend long periods seated at their computers, has increasingly played havoc on posture and alignment, subsequently leading to dysfunctional movements patterns in the general population.  While I am a big advocate for introducing corrective exercise programs for clients to address these postural deviations resulting from our modern lifestyles, I am also an advocate for minimising the harm to start with, by improving the set up of your computer work station.

The following presentation perfectly summarises how you can make changes to your computer use, to prevent or minimise postural damage occurring in your body.


Have you recently made some or all of these changes to the set up of your office workstation?  What effects have you noticed on your posture and wellbeing?  Let us know in the comments!