Back Pain And Prolonged Sitting: Resources From Around The Web

Back PainWe have had a lot of interest from readers wanting to learn more about low back pain and prolonged sitting, following on from Rory Scott’s timely post in September.  With more occupations becoming office-based and desk-bound, it’s no surprise that sitting for increasingly long periods is having adverse effects on the posture, spinal health, and overall wellbeing of individuals

At Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing, we work with our clients using advanced corrective exercise techniques to improve back pain caused by static postures and excessive periods of sitting.  An integral part of our approach is to consider back pain as the outcome from multiple factors related to poor posture and compromised movement patterns.  Here are some useful, well-informed resources for those of you in seat-based occupations to avoid and relieve your back pain:

Ultimately, all the scientific and anecdotal evidence point to the same key message: Avoid developing back pain from prolonged sitting by getting up from your seat regularly and moving about!  We recommend taking short walking breaks often and away from your computer, and introducing a short postural stretching routine into your day.  You’ll be amazed at the wonders it will do for your spine and your overall health.

(Image source: Buzzle)