Weekly Health And Fitness Roundup: 2nd-8th January, 2012

There’s an abundance of health information available on the internet, and it’s growing rapidly every day.  But much of this information is ill-informed, poorly researched, or just plain wrong.  So how can you tell fact from fiction?

At Inspire Fitness, we pride ourselves on our quality of service and evidence-guided practice.  Our personal trainers, corrective exercise practitioners, and exercise physiologists are highly qualified and committed to staying on top of the latest research.  Accordingly, we will be rounding up the best content from around the web (published recently or things we’ve discovered this week).  Most importantly, we’ll be plucking the good from the bad, so you get the true, unadorned facts about how best to take charge of your fitness, health, and wellbeing.

Blogs and News

“Lessons In Discomfort”: Nationally-respected personal trainer and motivational speaker Craig Harper talks about leaning into the discomfort for the betterment of your personal growth.

“Five Tips For 2012 Fitness Success”: Alwyn Cosgrove’s five tips to kickstart your progress towards your fitness goals for 2012.

“Mastering The Push Up: Part 1”: Ryan Hurst at Gold Medal Bodies goes through the basic push up, with a step-by-step video demonstration and instructions on how to perform the push up with good form.  Reminds me of one of my favourite quotes from Deakin University researcher Dr Dawson Kidgell: “Repetition only leads to skill if there is skill in the repetition!”

“A Compact Guide To Creating The Fitness Habit”: Leo Babauta at Zen Habits pulls together some sage advice from his personal experiences of a long and fruitful journey from fat to fit.

“Nutrition: 4 Vitamins That Strengthen Older Brains”: Nicholas Bakalar at the New York Times reports on recent neurology research that underlines the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids (“good” fats), B vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin D, in the health of the older brain and specifically its cognitive functions.

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