Author: Jacquie Tran

Energy To Burn Seminar Wrap Up

Inspire Fitness would like to thank all members and non members alike who attended the seminar on Wednesday 14th May!  The night was a huge success with more than 35 people attending.  Inspire’s Adam Sheedy (personal

Get Off Your Chair And On Your Feet, Australia!

More than ever, we work and play while seated.  Think of how much prolonged sitting can take place in the average day for an adult Australian: At breakfast In a car or on public transport on the way to work

Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Inspire Fitness Seminar

What does it mean to be truly inspirational? We might be inspired by people in the public eye – athletes, successful businesspeople, celebrities – but often, the most inspiring people are “ordinary”

Powerful Self-Massage Techniques: 1-Hour Workshop at Inspire Fitness

Your day-to-day habits – whether they consist of frantic movement, heavy lifting, or static standing and prolonged sitting – all have adverse effects on your posture. Poor posture developed through our modern

Beat the Seat: 3 Tips to Conquer Sedentary Behaviour

Much of our modern lives revolve around putting our “bums on seats”, and more specifically, being seated for long stretches of time without changing posture.  Think about how long you spend sitting when

Health and Fitness Roundup: 29th October – 11th November, 2012

Blogs “A Grain of Truth: Should You Avoid Grains?”:  In recent years, there have been many mixed messages touted in the media about the place of grains in a healthy and balanced diet.  Here is a thorough

Health and Fitness Roundup: 15th – 28th October, 2012

This Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup touches on mature age marathoners, the protective effect of muscular strength, and recovery strategies adopted by endurance athletes: Marathon Runners Stop Aging

Health and Fitness Roundup: 1st – 14th October, 2012

This Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness Roundup explores the importance mindful eating, breathing for effective training and stress management, and sleeping posture: “Eating Consciously”: Eating well can