Weight Loss

What’s stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals?

The formula for losing weight and being a healthier version of you is simple; exercise more and consume healthy natural foods.  Eat less processed foods and sugary drinks! It really is a simple formula.  You

Stress Impedes Weight Loss

The link between stress and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease has been well-documented.  Stress also seriously impedes your weight loss due to the increased hormones and other chemicals your body produces

The World’s Rising Obesity Crisis

Obesity levels in the developed world have reached epidemic levels.  Due largely to poor dietary choices and low physical activity, the overwhelming majority of humanity is in critically poor physical condition.

Artificial Sweeteners Are Making You Fat

Many people believe that by substituting sugar with artificial sweeteners in their diet, they are better off.   Research now shows that artificial sweeteners alter the body’s normal regulation of energy,

Throw Out The Scales: Why You Should Care About Fat-Free Mass

Here’s an all-too-common scenario that I’m sure many of you have encountered in your personal health and fitness journeys: Week 0: First weigh-in.  You record the number on your scales, then resolve never

Sleep Affects Weight Loss

The Inspire Fitness training philosophy is focused on personally-tailored, expertly-prescribed exercise coupled with healthy lifestyle habits, to ensure that our clients receive complete health and wellbeing