Exercise and Fitness

Are you dying or drying out?

Our unique corrective exercise approach to training and exercise involves the use of fascial release techniques to release muscle tension and improve the movement quality of our clients.   The benefit is that

Get Off Your Chair And On Your Feet, Australia!

More than ever, we work and play while seated.  Think of how much prolonged sitting can take place in the average day for an adult Australian: At breakfast In a car or on public transport on the way to work

PM Tony Abbott shows healthy lifestyle is crucial

Value your health as your most important asset.  This is a key message we teach our clients at Inspire Fitness.  This requires a significant shift in mindset for many until they realise that without vital health

Powerful Self-Massage Techniques: 1-Hour Workshop at Inspire Fitness

Your day-to-day habits – whether they consist of frantic movement, heavy lifting, or static standing and prolonged sitting – all have adverse effects on your posture. Poor posture developed through our modern

Beat the Seat: 3 Tips to Conquer Sedentary Behaviour

Much of our modern lives revolve around putting our “bums on seats”, and more specifically, being seated for long stretches of time without changing posture.  Think about how long you spend sitting when

How to Perform a Single Leg Squat: Arabesque Lunge

Recently I filmed one of our corrective exercises that is beneficial for developing pelvic strength and trunk control.  Single leg strength exercises are vital to develop symmetry of strength from one side of

Strength Training: Fixed Machines Can Cause Harm!

The importance of strength training for your health is well-documented and we have written about the benefits in many of our blog articles. But did you know traditional strength training machines, frequently

Strength Training For Older Adults

Strength training is a safe and effective way for improving the overall health and wellbeing for women and men of all ages, including older adults and individuals with major health complaints.  In fact, people