Fitness Keeps You Decades Younger

The important role that fitness and exercise plays in maintaining your health, improving your strength and function; minimizing your risk of many chronic diseases and improving your quality of life has been written about widely in this personal trainer and gym blog.

These health benefits from regular exercise are unlocked when you combine the important elements of strength training, cardiovascular exercise, mobility, postural correction, balance and optimal nutrition to your daily and weekly training regime.

When you include all of these elements of exercise in your routine you will ensure you’re taking a holistic approach to your fitness. 

This holistic approach will ensure you can train injury free and maximize the results from your exercise. So you reach your fitness goals faster!

Another benefit of taking a holistic approach to your exercise is you will live longer.

Below is a Exercise Physiology Infographic highlighting the importance of maintaining a regular exercise routine throughout your lifespan. 

Maintaining a high level of fitness at every stage of your life will keep you decades younger!

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