Exercise Right Week: 2 Weeks to Go!

Exercise Right Week 2019 is an initiative of Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) to promote the important role exercise plays in increasing health and fitness, managing and preventing chronic diseases (including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease), and in the rehabilitation from injury.

Inspire Fitness supports this initiative as the key message being promoted by Exercise Right Week is that exercise must be designed specifically for YOU

Your body is different to other people, so an exercise program must be tailored to YOUR individual biomechanical, postural and medical needs.

To unlock the health and fitness benefits of strength training and cardiovascular exercise you must ensure (firstly!) that you don’t injure yourself through the exercise routine. 

You then must ensure you have been prescribed appropriate exercises at the right intensity for your individual needs.

Our Exercise Physiologists and Personal Trainers support this important message of Exercise Right Week so your health and fitness needs are being meet appropriately.

“One Size Does NOT fit ALL when it comes to Exercise”

Exercise Right Week 2019
Exercise Right Week 2019