Strength Training: Fixed Machines Can Cause Harm!

The importance of strength training for your health is well-documented and we have written about the benefits in many of our blog articles.

But did you know traditional strength training machines, frequently used in gyms, can be harmful to your body?

At Inspire Fitness, we use and recommend strength training that challenges our clients in 3 planes of movement – because we live, work, and play in a three-dimensional world.  Traditional strength training equipment forces the body to work in one plane of movement, eliminating the role of your stabilising muscles within the strength training movement.

Recently, I recorded a video explaining how these traditional machines can be harmful:


Without the involvement of your stabilising muscles, your brain is not being taught to switch these important muscles on for when you use this strength in the real world.  Failing to train and recruit these muscles can cause injury due to the lack of protection being offered to your joints.