Injury Prevention

Understanding Fascia and Your Flexibility

Written by Daniel Hayes, personal trainer at Inspire Fitness. You may have heard of the term fascia, but few people are clear on what it is or how important it is to their ability to move and exercise.  Fascia

Preventing Neck Pain At Work

If your occupation requires that you work at a desk for long periods of time, then you are at a higher risk of developing chronic neck pain.  The mechanism through which this neck pain occurs is essentially

How To Improve Your Posture When Using A Computer (Video)

As a team of personal trainers with a specialisation in corrective exercise, one of the chronic lifestyle problems we often encounter with clients is the postural deviations that arise from people using computers. 

Back Pain And Prolonged Sitting: Resources From Around The Web

We have had a lot of interest from readers wanting to learn more about low back pain and prolonged sitting, following on from Rory Scott’s timely post in September.  With more occupations becoming office-based

Reduce Your Low Back Pain When Sitting At A Desk

One of the main focuses of our training and our exercise programs at Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing is to prevent and correct poor posture and faulty biomechanics.  Poor posture is caused by a number of different

Running Barefoot: Can This Be Healthy?

Humans have been running for millions of years – long before the assistance of scientifically designed running shoes.  Harvard research suggests that the commercial introduction of the running shoe after