Water Polo Champion Demonstrates Importance of Individual Exercise Plans

Brendan Rigby and Rowena Webster - Australian Water Polo Player training at Inspire FitnessIn a recent visit to her home town of Melbourne, we had the pleasure of having Rowena Webster train with us at Inspire Fitness. Rowie, an Olympic bronze medallist and champion of the Australian Water Polo team, who chose Inspire Fitness to maintain her strength and conditioning whilst at home. Rowena’s training approach highlighted a number of key messages that we teach our clients:

Conditioning your body to become an elite athlete and beat the world’s best takes serious commitment. It requires you to seek out the optimal exercise strategy to maximise your training benefits, and to seek advice from the best Exercise Physiologists. It is also critical that your program is individually-tailored to meet your needs.

While not everyone is training to achieve Olympic gold like Rowie, applying the principles of sports science to your own training ensures that you will reach your fitness goals faster and efficiently. It also means you will reduce your risk of injury through training, because you are addressing your body’s biomechanical and postural imbalances, which can lead to injury or breakdown if left untreated. Learning lessons from elite athletes and applying them to your own training will significantly enhance results in your own health and fitness.

We congratulate Rowena Webster on her recent achievement of being named FINA’s Number 3 water polo player in the world.  This is an incredible achievement and we look forward to working with you again at Inspire Fitness on your next visit home!