Motivational Messages to Accelerate your Fitness

I am a huge fan of motivational quotes.  Quotes that make us stop, think and evaluate the direction we are heading with our health, and they help us see things from a different perspective.  I dedicate these motivational quotes below to anyone holding themselves back from starting an exercise program and committing to a healthier lifestyle.

Reading a quote can often be the trigger that helps you take action, to make the positive changes to your health that you have always wanted.

Motivation Quote 2_personal trainer_gym_balwyn

Motivation Quote 3_personal trainer_gym_balwyn

Motivation Quote 1_personal trainer_gym_balwyn

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As personal trainers and exercise physiologists we challenge our client’s beliefs to get the best out of them.  Misguided beliefs about nutrition, time management and exercise are what frequently hold people back from achieving their optimal health level.  These are also what prevent people from getting started with exercise.

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