Top 5 Blog Posts for 2013

dumbbells2013 has been quite a year!  Below is a list of the top 5 posts on the Inspire Fitness blog in 2013.  Enjoy a quick review and use them to catapult your health and fitness to a new level in 2014:

How sugar can shrink your brain – How the consumption of sugar in your diet leads to atrophy of your brain.

Horse meat scandal highlights health risks for pre-packaged food – How the horse meat substitution scandal actually raises the question of how little you know about additives to packaged foods.

Top 7 nutritional mistakes to avoid – A comprehensive overview of the common nutritional mistakes I have seen from 20 years working as an Exercise Physiologist.

Artificial sweeteners are making you fat – How artificial sweeteners are erroneously marketed as weight loss products but will actually cause weight gain.

Beat the seat: 3 tips to conquer sedentary behaviour – A practical guide to minimising your time spent sitting throughout your day.