PM Tony Abbott shows healthy lifestyle is crucial

Tony Abbott Inspire Fitness Gym BlogValue your health as your most important asset.  This is a key message we teach our clients at Inspire Fitness.  This requires a significant shift in mindset for many until they realise that without vital health and energy, you cannot achieve anything in your life to your full optimal level.  Your health dictates the quality of your life in all areas, including professional and business success, relationships, and lifestyle opportunities.  Without health and the corresponding high energy that comes from committing to good health, you cannot enjoy the balance in life and the full enjoyment that comes from living energetically and with passion in all areas.

This week, it was refreshing to see that the newly-elected Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott modelled his commitment to health on his first day as the Prime Minister-elect.  Mr Abbott has attributed his health as a critical factor in his personal success.  After celebrating an electoral victory the night before, and arguably achieving one of his highest personal and professional goals, he set out at 6am the next day for his morning 50km ride!  This demonstrates his personal value of health and his commitment to ensure that he will maintain his exercise routine, whatever the circumstances.

Lack of time is the largest barrier holding people back from exercise.   But this barrier is only a perception and is used by many as an excuse for why they can’t exercise more often and with more regularity.  Formally scheduling exercise into your daily and weekly routine will conquer this perceived barrier to exercise.  When you consider how you use your time during the week and how 3-4 hours may be redirected towards exercise, you will discover that “lack of time” is only your perception.  You will never find the time for exercise – you have to make the time and consistently act in order to maintain a healthy exercise habit.

Successful people schedule their time and ensure that they commit first and wholeheartedly to the essential aspects of their life.  Therefore, committing to exercise may require a simple but powerful shift in your mindset: to value your health as the highest priority, and to truly appreciate that your health is the foundation to achieving success in all other areas of your life.  When you take on board this understanding of health, you will discover that time is no longer a limiting barrier to regular exercise.  Considering exercise as a positive contributor to your success in life will free your mind to create more opportunities to live an active lifestyle.  If the Australian Prime Minister has the time for regular exercise – so do you!