Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 20th – 26th February, 2012

This week’s Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness roundup looks at sleep, movement technique, and meal planning for successful weight management:

Blogs and News

“Sleep Is More Important Than Food”: We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the effects of sleep on your training, specifically how sleep helps you to recover from physical activity, and how lack of sleep can impact upon your capacity to make healthy lifestyle choices.  Here’s an insightful piece from the Harvard Business Review Blog, illustrating why sleep should be a major priority in all of our lives.

“Fit Tip: Perfect Reps Are More Important Than Completing A Set Of 10”: Every time you perform a movement, your brain takes feedback from the muscles and joints involved about the quality of that movement.  The brain uses this feedback information to improve our movement in future.  The amazing thing about the brain and motor skill development is that we are wired to move better if we can just listen to our bodies!  The lesson: value technique ahead of load and volume.  If you can’t hold your form, then drop the load and/or number of reps or sets.  If you can comfortably hold your form as prescribed, then it’s generally safe to increase your load, or increase the number of reps and sets.

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