Weekly Health and Fitness Roundup: 30th January – 5th February, 2012

How are you tracking so far in 2012?  Hopefully you are moving steadily towards your training and nutrition goals, now that the year is in full-swing.  To help you along, here’s this week’s Inspire Fitness Health and Fitness roundup:

Blogs and News

“Personal Best: Workouts Have Their Limits, Recognized Or Not”: Train hard, train smart, but always train mindfully.  A sound training plan is one that of incremental progression, that respects recovery just as much as exertion and effort.

“Success Is Not A Theory”: A short and sweet post from Craig Harper, to inspire you to go, to do, to act, to move!

“25 Greatist Superfoods & Why They’re Super”: Substitute some of these superfoods into your daily diet to boost the quality and quantity of your nutrient intake.

Social Networks

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