Welcome To The New Inspire Fitness Blog!

Today, we’re excited to launch our latest project, the Inspire Fitness Blog!  The project has been in the making for a few months, and now we’re ready to “open up the doors”!

We’ll be using the blog to communicate all things fitness, health, and wellbeing.  Our experienced personal trainers, corrective exercise practitioners, and exercise physiologists will be contributing original content to the blog, drawing from their wealth of knowledge and insights into improving and maintaining your fitness and health.  The blog will also showcase content from around the world that aligns with our aims, to ensure that you reap the benefits from expert and industry-leading knowledge.  Over time, the blog will become an information resource which you can visit time and again, whenever you have a question about your health and your training.

This is also a great opportunity for us to connect with our members and prospective clients outside of the gym setting.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions on our blog, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.  Alternatively, you can email your feedback to us to: info [AT] inspire-fitness.com.au.

Thanks for stopping by the blog!  We encourage you to bookmark this space and return often, as we will be updating regularly.  If you prefer to read the Inspire Fitness Blog in a blog reader or in your email program (e.g. Outlook), you can subscribe by RSS by clicking the icon in the right-hand column, and following the prompts from there to set up automatic updates.

Visit the Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing website to learn more about how our experienced and highly qualified personal trainers, corrective exercise practitioners, and exercise physiologists can individually tailor a lifestyle plan to suit your health and fitness needs.