Why lifting weights could extend your life

Strength training can be the most valuable thing you can be doing for your health.  Not only is it valuable for improving your mechanical function so you can function optimally in your daily life; but strength training plays a vital role in building your metabolism.  Metabolism increases as you build your lean muscle tissue.  Muscle is more metabolically active then body fat.  Your metabolism is the amount of energy your body requires to maintain its normal functions whilst you’re at rest.  The higher your metabolism; the less likely you are to be carrying excessive body fat.

One of the most effective ways of losing body fat; and keeping it off in the long term is to be participating in a structured weight training program.

Excessive body fat is correlated to you having a higher risk for many chronic diseases; including Type 2 Diab

Strength Training for superior health

etes and cardiovascular disease.   Regular strength training in your life therefore not only makes you feel great; it reduces your risk factors for many chronic diseases.

Unfortunately your lean muscle tissue starts to decline after the age of 40.  This is mainly due to lifestyle factors and this loss CAN BE entirely reversed and / or PREVENTED.  Levels of lean muscle is seen to be a predictor of mortality in the elderly.   However, no matter what age you are now, this trend of losing lean muscle can be reversed.

The ABC’s science program Catalyst recently aired a great summary of the scientific benefits of strength training.   The research on strength training for the benefit of one’s health continues to grow.  Strength training is proving to be an important exercise intervention to enable you to lead a healthy vibrant life – as well as to extend your life!