A Layman’s Guide To The Importance Of Blood Sugar Levels

Consuming the correct amounts of sugar each day is vital to our health and if not managed properly it can have a harmful effect on the body. Most people are not aware of the correct blood sugar levels and are putting themselves at risk. in this article I will go through the importance of managing your sugar levels along with the impact it can have if not managed correctly.

The Difference Types Of Sugar

There are many sugar types which many people are not aware of and a large percentage think that it is just the granular white stuff found in every kitchen. Sugar comes in many forms such as Glucose-Fructose which is found in milk along with fruit. One of the most common is sweet carbohydrates which are found in most fizzy drinks. Another heavily consumed sugar is starch which is found in things such as white bread.

What Is Diabetes?

The body needs to be able to break down the sugars that we consume and does this through the body’s pancreas. The pancreas is able to turn harmful sugars into glucose which give us energy. If the pancreas is not working correctly the body is unable to breakdown sugars without the help of injecting insulin.

What Happens When Blood Sugar Levels Get Too High Or Low?

It can be very dangerous if the levels of glucose are too high. It can cause the blood vessels to inflame along with the nerves. If the person affected does not get this checked out by a professional doctor is can cause serious problems and complications.

It is also very dangerous if the levels of glucose are too low. It can cause hypoglycemia which results in confusion, fainting, and dizziness.

Correct Level Of Sugar In The Blood

It is important to check the levels of sugar you intake so that you can take good care of your body. One of the most common ways to do this is by using a blood fingerstick test. It is carried out by using a very small needle and pricking yourself so that a droplet of blood comes out. A strip is then used which tests the levels of sugar in the blood.

If you do not want to use a needle or want constant monitoring you can use a CGM sensor. This tiny device is inserted underneath the skin and provides constant information on the levels of sugar in the blood.

Blood Sugar Levels Conclusion

If you want to stay fit and live a long healthy life then monitoring your blood sugar level can go a long way in helping you do this. Managing them correctly will greatly benefit your life and wellbeing. It is vital that you are tested occasionally to make sure that you are on track and do not have diabetes. Having a healthy balanced diet is the best way to fight off disease and give the body the correct fuel it needs to work at its optimal.