Best sleeping positions for injuries and pain

Our corrective exercise approach to personal training and exercise physiology at Inspire Fitness is designed to address biomechanical dysfunction within your body while maximising your health outcomes from exercise.  Whether your wanting to lose weight, increase your strength and / or improve your general fitness; the right selection of exercise will ensure you reach your fitness goals safely and efficiently.

However, many people within the community live with pain and injuries. Pain often impairs your ability to experience a satisfactory night’s sleep.  Sleep is imperative to the repair and rejuvenation of your body; and is therefore is pivotal to your overall health.  Lack of sleep effects your health and fitness.  As such, interrupted sleep experienced through pain can have negative consequences to your long-term health.

The important thing for you to know is there are strategies you can employ when you go to bed if your injured or in pain.   Knowing the right sleeping positions and postures will ensure you can maximise your night’s sleep.

The following info-graphic demonstrates the correct sleeping positions for different injuries:

Best Sleep Positions for Injuries and Pain Infographic

Best sleep position for injuries and pain Infographic