What can you learn from Australian Ninja Warrior?

Written by:  Sebastian Mann (Bach. Ex Sci) Personal Trainer & Exercise Scientist

The recent airing of Australian Ninja Warrior on Australian television proved to be an overwhelming success amongst audiences.  Australian Ninja Warrior pitted athletes from various fitness backgrounds to compete over a timed obstacle course.  These courses were designed to test the different dimensions of an athlete’s fitness.  Athletes who succeeded through the obstacle course showed an elite level of symmetry within their body amongst all the fitness dimensions.  It wasn’t about just being the strongest; athletes were tested on endurance, balance, motor control, flexibility, and power.  Combining all these attributes together was what the competition was striving to test.

What does Australian Ninja Warrior teach you about your training?

Image Source: Australian Ninja Warrior

Australia’s Ninja Warrior looked to identify the most well-rounded athlete in the competition to declare the champion.  To win the competition, the athletes must train and develop high levels of ability across all dimensions of fitness.

This is just like our approach to health and fitness at Inspire Fitness.  We work with clients across all age groups to achieve good symmetry amongst all the dimensions of their health and fitness.  This holistic approach to fitness ensures our clients are well balanced and set up to be at their optimal level of health.   Of course, each client has a different starting point; so, we tailor our programming according to the unique needs of each individual client; whilst maintaining our framework of a holistic approach to fitness.

The dimensions of health and fitness in the human body (as showed at elite levels by the athletes in Australian Ninja warriors) are: strength, power, flexibility, postural control, balance, and cardiovascular fitness.   At Inspire Fitness our programs are designed so each of these aspects of fitness are covered.


Dimensions of Fitness:

  • Strength: Strength refers to the ability to carry out work against a resistance.
  • Power: Power is the ability exert a force as quickly as possible.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility refers the ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion.
  • Postural Control: Postural control is the ability to maintain correct bio mechanical position during physical activity.
  • Balance: Balance refers to the body’s ability to stay in control of its movement during physical activity.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Cardiovascular fitness is the ability for the body to transport oxygen around the body to areas in demand to produce energy for movement and delay fatigue.
Image Source : Australian Ninja Warrior


Whilst being a Ninja Warrior does involve being well conditioned across all dimensions of fitness, you don’t need to train to this level to gain some valuable insights for your own health.   Inspire Fitness can help you condition your body through our specialised programs and nutritional advice to be at your optimal health – whatever level that is for you.