Inspire Fitness clients succeed in the 50 km Upstream Challenge

Goal setting and working hard to successfully achieve those goals are foundation principles that we teach our clients at Inspire Fitness.  Mastering your health is like any other pursuit in life – you need to know where you are going in order to maintain long term commitment and willpower.  Once you know your outcome and make a plan to achieve it, your brain locks onto this goal like a guided missile.  By committing to this approach, you will become so focused that you literally will not skip a training session or deviate from your optimal nutrition plan in order to achieve your goal.

This commitment to training and dedication to health was recently demonstrated by three Inspire Fitness members who completed the Upstream Challenge – a 50km walk in support of four different charity organisations.  I would like to congratulate Bernadette, Glenda and Fran for their hard work and dedication in training for and then completing this endurance challenge.   All three team members have showed enormous dedication to their training for many years, and they have modelled the critical importance of goal setting – congratulations ladies!

Inspire Fitness members Bernadette Marchesi, Fran James, and Glenda Rosenberg at the 50 km Upstream Challenge 2013 You can support the team with a donation to the Upstream Foundation, who disperse 100% of the money raised to the following charity organisations:

  • Disability Sport and Recreation
  • Leprosy Mission Australia
  • Fare Share
  • The Isabella and Marcus fund

Follow the link below to visit Bernadette, Fran, and Glenda’s team page:

Movers and Shakers team page | The Upstream Foundation 50 km Challenge