Learn How to Unlock Your Will Power – Forever!

Learning to unleash your Will Power to achieve long-term, sustainable success is the most POWERFUL skill you can teach yourself. Neuroscience has unlocked the secrets to sustainable willpower in your life, and learning these practical strategies will change your life forever.

Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing invites you to a 1-hour interactive seminar on the Power of Will Power – so you can learn to unlock the unstoppable power that you already possess but haven’t yet learned to fully harness.

The Power of Will Power

Date: Wednesday 22nd May
Time: 7.45pm
Address: Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing
317 Doncaster Rd, Nth Balwyn

This seminar is normally valued at $59, but Inspire Fitness is inviting you to attend for FREE. We know how powerful this information is, so we are inviting all MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS of Inspire Fitness for Wellbeing.

Bookings are essential as space is limited. Please call us on (03) 9857 3007 to secure your seat, or email us by clicking here.

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This seminar will be presented by two of Melbourne’s pre-eminent experts in the field of neuroscience and human performance.  Both guest presenters are highly accomplished and guarantee you will walk away with practical skills to get you the results you truly want.

About the presenters of The Power of Will Power

Glen Bowen

At the age of 11, Glenn finished grade 5 with perfect vision and went back to school in grade 6 legally blind due to an unknown recessive gene. From this point on he needed to learn new strategies and call on his will power for almost everything. Glenn had to learn what to focus on and where to direct his action to keep up with the rest of his peers. Choosing what was possible for himself rather than listening to the doubts of others, he learned an internal strength of mind. Through junior sports he won Australian titles in Blind Athletics and learnt to be an extreme snowboarder with less than 2% vision.

Then he began testing himself with adventure sports. Beginning at 18 he did 60 solo skydives around Australia, pushing his mind through fear for the goal and to achieve his desires.
Using his ability to focus his mind and overcome fears and doubts he had learnt the power of strategies and mental focus to achieve what he wanted no matter the barrier. This is where his passion for the mind began and he did a Vipasna meditation; 10 days of silence with 10hours a day of meditation sharpening the mind to a knife point. The habit of meditation has become a daily ritual, increasing his will power all of the time.

The combination of focusing his mind and creating successful strategies has lead him to run a marathon, a successful business and achieve financial freedom before the age of 40. His ability to utilize his strengths and focus are the key ingredients to his success and amazing lifestyle.

A passion to help others to see what is possible is now his most driving force and why he wants you to become will powerful.

Shaun Brewster, AEP

Growing up in a small country town where you either played Football or Cricket, Shaun was drawn to the Martial Arts. He spent every spare moment training and honing his skills and focusing his efforts. By the age of 16 he had become the instructor of his local Martial Arts school. The Martial Arts were his first testing ground for developing his Will Power and the “mind over matter” aspect of his training was perfect for this.

In his early 20’s Shaun discovered distance running and soon found himself training for a Marathon. His ability to create a plan, begin and follow through on it was a huge advantage when preparing for something like the Marathon. With this box ticked, Shaun found his drive to push his limits and stretch his Will Power was only just being woken up and within a short period of time he was preparing for his first Ultra-Marathon. Defined as anything longer than a Marathon, an Ultra-Marathon is typically, 50, 80 or 100 km. Shaun began his foray into this sport with the 100 km distance and in this, discovered the perfect outlet for scratching his Will Power itch.

Since that time, Shaun has completed a long list of Ultra-distance runs including a 375kms run over 5 days and a 100 mile trail race over the 4 highest peaks in Victoria (with a torn calf!).
Outside of his physical endeavours, Shaun exercises his Will Power through the delicate balancing act of managing three businesses, working as an academic and lecturing in a tertiary institution and raising a family of 5 children.

The only way all this is possible is through Shaun’s ability to direct his Will and to create a life by design, rather than by default.

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