Supersized Funeral Caskets

The statistics on funeral casket sizes reflect the sad yet stark reality of America’s growing obesity crisis.  I write about this statistic NOT to be alarmist or morbid, but because I wish to convey to you the real impact which the typical Western diet and lifestyle can have on your waistline.

According to the Casket & Funeral Supply of America (CFSA), a trade association for the funeral supply industry, the standard size casket 20 years ago was 61 cm wide (24 inches).  Today, the standard casket is made to be 71 cm wide (28 inches) to accommodate larger people.  Furthermore, the number of caskets ordered and manufactured at 73.5 cm wide (29 inches) is increasing month-by-month.  These 29-inch wide caskets were once extremely rare, but have now become a regular item for supply.

Our growing consumption of sugar, saturated fat, and processed foods is having a disastrous impact on the health of our nation.  Australia’s obesity statistics are similarly compelling to those of the USA.  Yet with our ability to source information in modern society, we should be better informed.   Clearly it’s not just important to know what’s best, but it’s also about taking action!