Australian Obesity Reaches Epidemic Levels

Recent statistics have revealed that the Australian population is getting fatter, with two out of three Australian adults now overweight or obese.  The Australian Bureau of Statistic recently released this 2010-2011 data, showing a dramatic rise in obesity levels within the Australian population.

The results reveal that more than 70% of Australian adult males are now classified as being overweight.  Females compare relatively favourable, though still at an unacceptable level with more than 56% being overweight.  Overall, the proportion of overweight Australians has increased by two percentage points in the two years since the 2008-09 statistics were compiled.

These figures truly demonstrate that our nation is in the midst of a health crisis.  The health consequences of being overweight are detrimental, far-reaching, and long-term.

This obesity epidemic also extends to our children.  One in five children between the ages 2 of 4 are classified as overweight.  This means that a staggering 138,000 children in this age group are currently overweight.

This data reveals the shocking effects of leading a typical Westernised lifestyle that is low in activity and high in the consumption of highly-processed food.

The sad truth about these staggering statistics is that being overweight and obese is 100% avoidable.  Being overweight increases your risk of chronic fatal diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.  Leading a lifestyle that incorporates regular physical activity and a diet rich in nutritious, wholesome food will prevent you from being at risk of these fatal diseases, and will give you abundant energy to lead your life as you desire.