Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes, for Everyday Warriors! (Part 3)

Pay attention to the details

“Cadel is much more than a fine cyclist,” Liggett said from London.  “He would go to the mechanic’s each day and check over everything they were doing.”

“He would check all the computer data, which would tell the crew about his pedalling cadence, heart rhythms, speed variations, the balance on his chain, weight distribution, the elevation he’d climbed, information about the route. ”It’s rather like being a pilot, competing in the Tour de France.”

Cycling has always been at the cutting end of innovation, Liggett says. And, even though the Tour de France is long and extremely demanding, it’s the smallest details that can make the difference. (source)

Cadel Evans - Tour de France Champion 2011When the difference between gold, silver, and bronze might be a matter of seconds, then every sliver of improvement to performance becomes critical.  Now more than ever before, elite athletes like Cadel Evans are tuned in to the finest details of their training and preparation, to maximise their potential for competitive success.

But what about you and I?  If our goals do not rest upon medal placings and split seconds, then do we really need to pay close attention to the details?

Though the training goals of the average person might be wildly different from the goals of a Tour de France champion, there can be no doubting that better outcomes are achieved when you pay attention to the details of your training.  These include:

  • Adhering to the correct technique when performing the exercises in your individualised training program;
  • Monitoring your progress through regular fitness assessments; and
  • Understanding why your exercises, selected for you by our expert personal trainers, will help you to achieve your goals of feeling better, looking great, and boosting your health and fitness.

The London 2012 Olympic Games are now well underway.  What have been your highlights so far?  Let us know by leaving us a comment below.  In the mean time, we will be back in a few days with part 4 of this series!