Sugar increases your risk of Alzhelmers

The many dangers of sugar on your health have been documented in many academic publications.  Amongst other things; sugar makes you fatter, can increase your risk of type 2 diabetes and cancer, can increase you risk of stroke and heart attack.

Emerging research on the health consequences of eating sugar revolves on the impact it is having on your brain.   Sugar is proving to compromise brain function – with studies showing there is short term reduced memory and reduced learning performance after the consumption of a moderate sugar diet (typical of the standard western diet).

The long term damage with this profile of moderate to high consumption of sugar is proving more interesting.  The damage to the brain because of sugar consumption seems to be linked to the effect on the hippocampus.  This small region of the brain is responsible for memory and learning.  Moderate sugar consumption is showing to result in insulin resistance within the brain: and thus damaging brain function. Alzhelmers is now thought to be Diabetes Type 3.

Source; The Age – The impact of sugar on memory and learning