Exercise Right Week 2018

This week from 21st to 25th May is national Exercise Right Week 2018 promoting the importance of people in Australia undertaking physical activity and exercise programs designed appropriately to their own individual needs.

Whether you undertake an exercise program with the goal to lose weight, increase fitness, build muscle or for increasing your general health and wellbeing; the message of Exercise Right Week 2018 is to ensure you have a program specifically tailored to your individual needs.

Often people undertake an exercise program or group exercise class and undertake exercises that are inappropriate for their body.  Exercise programming is a SCIENCE and must address your individual postural alignment, differences in strength and flexibility from one side of your body to another, dysfunction in your body arising from too much sitting, biomechanical differences; and consider your individual medical background.  An exercise routine which fails to take these individual differences into account may result in an injury or musculoskeletal breakdown.

At Inspire Fitness we specialize in designing individual exercise programs to the unique needs of each person.  One Size does NOT fit all!  As such we celebrate this message of Exercise Right Week 2018 and urge you to undertake physical activity to unlock the health and fitness benefits; but seek a qualified exercise professional to deign this exercise plan for your needs.

Exercise Right
Exercise Right Week 2018