Personal Training Movement Analysis

Observing clients movement patterns during exercise is an important strategy for our personal trainers and exercise physiologists to be able to give accurate feedback on exercise correction during a session.  Movement pattern analysis is also important for our team to assess whether a client is activating the correct muscles in each exercise.  This information allows us to adjust a client’s technique or exercise program with appropriate exercises to strengthen the ‘right’ muscles.

Correct exercise technique and body position is vital for optimizing the benefit from exercise – particularly for unlocking the benefits of strength training.   Correct technique is also important for minimizing the risk of injury caused during exercise; and in some cases, experienced later outside of the training session!

Recently launched is an exciting new advancement in sports clothing giving more visibility to personal trainers and exercise physiologists to enable us to assess movement and posture during exercise.   Developed in conjunction with the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS) – 776BC Sports Clothing has been designed to enable better visibility of an athletes (and gym goers!) technique.

The feature of this ‘motion line’ range is the ‘key pivot point’ makers which highlight the visibility of movement.

So if you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior or wanting to improve your health and fitness – this world’s first sport clothing will give you an edge to ensure your technique and posture during training is optimal.

776BC Sports Performance Clothing for Personal Trainers