The food revolution that’s preventing weight gain

Changes to our nutritional intake have radically changed in a short period the level of obesity and ill-health we see in most western cultures.  Since the low fat – high carbohydrate recommendations of the 1980’s we have seen a significant increase globally in obesity levels.

With the industrial revolution 100-200 years ago, we started producing more foods with sugar and white flour.  These are processed carbohydrates and are a stark contrast to how our ancestors ate and fueled their bodies.  And these are contributing to the worlds rising obesity crisis.

As a team of Exercise Physiologists and personal trainers we are passionate about changing people’s health.  In some cases, we use exercise in the treatment and management of chronic diseases.  However, we believe more is required in the public debate on nutrition recommendations and guidelines.  The guidelines are often confusing for people and focus on the consumption of processed carbohydrates. Clinically we see some real health changes arising for people with the consumption of processed carbohydrates; with concurrent low levels of consumption in the other macro nutrients (Protein and Fats).

The following presentation examines the history and science behind the current high fat – low carbohydrate movement.  We present this to add to the public debate on nutrition.


Watch this video on YouTube;  The food revolution